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Routes Lublin-Cracow
[see the map and the timetables in other cities]
Departures from Lublin - Ruska Street (by the scarp)
602 U 902 U 1247 Un 1517 AUn 1608 Un

Departures from Cracow - railway station Bosacka Street
(You can buy tickets at the bus station in Cracow or at the bus driver's)
610 UTF 700 BUTF 900 UTF 1410 U 1610 U


  • A - the bus run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • B - the bus run on Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • U - the bus doesn't run on the 25th of December, on the 1stof January and on the first day of Easter
  • n - the bus doesn't run on the 24th of December, on the 31st of December and on Easter Eve.
  • T - the bus doesn't run on the second day of Christmas and Easter.
  • F - the bus doesn't run on the 2nd of January

Buses drive up 8 minutes before the departure


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